Hi, I am originally from the UK and trained in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy at the International training school in Bristol before becoming a full time stay at home parent for 10 years. I have trained at the Vancouver College of Counselling training (VCCT) in 2017 and gained my RTC Accreditation with the ACCT with a Diploma in Professional Counselling 2018.

I am currently undertaking a Masters in Counselling Psychology at Yorkville University.
I believe the power of talking things through in detail opens up many solutions inside us. We just need that time for someone to listen and hear us out with trust, coherence, and consistency. I think that people who want to work on themselves can achieve many more things in their lives and assists them perhaps in breaking a certain cycle or way of life that has prevented them from doing so.
I think that everyone would benefit from counselling and it is very powerful and progressive in a person’s life. My view of counselling is reminding a person that they can achieve many things by becoming more aware of looking at their inner dialogues and certain actions.
We as humans tend to get ‘stuck’ and sometimes ‘lost’ into particular lifestyle cycles that then become the ‘norm” for us without actually realising that all of this can change with differing techniques in counselling.