Parenting, in general, can extend out into other issues within the Relationship 


Such as:


Discipline styles between two parents


 Quality times 




Mental and Physical balances


Hormonal balances with Children and Parents


Diet impacting behavior


We can openly discuss these topics and issues together. This will help work towards positive outcomes in parenting your child and equipping them for their future. 



Parenting isn't easy and always everchanging as you are always adjusting to your childs level of social, intellectual and emotional balance.



Common Issues in Parenting:  


Technology, parents are trying to protect their children as much as possible with regards to content and the amount of screen time.


Understanding their own individual emotional level and capacities.


Managing your own stress when parenting.


"Checking in" with your child and making it a routine


Routines and lifestyles


 I think that many new parents would benefit from discussing their current issues. Parents need to know that they are not alone and whether they know this or not but they are all facing very similar issues. 


I offer group work with parents.