Testimonials : 

Here's what my Clients say : 

Bradley, 2017

Tanya has a wonderful understanding of people and a caring, empathic demeanor which, I’m sure, are two key characteristics required to be an effective Counselor.


Elizabeth, 2018

“I think the best part about working with Tanya is her demeanor. I’ve worked with other counselors before, and not one of them makes me feel as calm or as listened to as Tanya does. I feel I am able to speak as I need to, and I never feel judged or analyzed. It is really refreshing.”


Anon, 2019

It is with great pleasure I recommend Tanya Rolfe as a quality RTC Counselor. I have been consistently speaking with her over the past year and I'm very happy to recommend her services. She is very patient and knowledgeable. This leads to a comfortable and inviting session every time. I will be continuing my sessions with her for the indefinite future.


Anon, age 25, 2020 (COVID times)

I instinctively knew Tanya would be my counselor as I was looking through the psychology today website. We met for the first time Virtually, and even though it was our first               'meeting' I immediately felt comfortable with her. Tanya has a warm and kind air about her. She will listen to you ranting/going on tangents and still be able to bring up points and sum up what you are saying in an organized manner that allows for deep introspection later on. Most of all she is patient and encouraging. Her flexibility has also helped tremendously, as I work shifts which makes it difficult for me to book a session; Tanya has provided me with sessions on her days off, just to fit me in, and I am so grateful for that. Since I've met Tanya, I've been better at regulating my emotions and feel lighter after each session. For a truly caring, well equipped, and trustworthy counselor, I'd pick Tanya.